The Party Leaders – Their Positions on Foreign Professionals

Harper en rajoute concernant la souveraineté
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper
The Question Posed To The Leaders:
Many immigrants to Canada are encouraged and allowed to move here based on their professional experience or credentials, only to discover once they arrive that their credentials are not recognized. What role should the federal government play in addressing this problem?
The Answers:

The Conservative  Party

Stephen Harper’s government met the challenge of the global economic crisis head on with our world-leading Economic Action Plan. Support for foreign credentials recognition has been a key part of our economic agenda. In 2009, we invested $50 million over two years for the development and implementation of the Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications. This funding has helped to streamline the recognition process in a number of important occupations and made it easier for foreign-trained Canadians to use their skills and expertise in Canada.

But some foreign-trained workers still have difficulty paying for tuition and other training costs associated with the foreign credential recognition process. A re-elected Stephen Harper government will provide bridge loans to help recent immigrants pay for the training and skills upgrading needed for their foreign credentials to be recognized here in Canada. The Conservative Party understands the importance of credential recognition to the financial security and well-being of new Canadians and their families, as well as the Canadian economy.–be-heard-the-conservative-party-answers-your-questions

The Green Party

The Green Party finds fault with the current accreditation system, especially with the lack of recognition of foreign credentials. We would eliminate the valuation of foreign credentials for immigration purposes except in those cases where such credentials are recognized in Canada, or a clear, expeditious path to accreditation is established, and in place establish realistic criteria for immigrants based on existing job opportunities for immigrants to Canada. We would also press professional societies to remove unnecessary barriers hindering the recognition of valid professional credentials of immigrants.–be-heard-the-green-party-answers-your-questions

The Bloc

The evaluation and the recognition of credentials is Quebec’s and the other provinces’ responsibility. The Quebec government has been working on ways to facilitate the movement of workers. We support these efforts.

Quebec is, to a certain extent, autonomous in terms of immigration. Unfortunately, the actual agreement with the federal government doesn’t allow us to put forward all the values that characterize Quebec. The only way Quebec will be able to deploy a more efficient and humane policy is by getting hold of the means sovereign countries can count on, like embassies and consulates.–be-heard-the-bloc-quebecois-answers-your-questions

The Liberal Party

The federal government must do a better job screening and advising prospective immigrants on credential recognition before they leave their countries of origin. Improving credential recognition and the integration of new Canadians into the workforce requires a renewed effort between governments, professional groups, educational institutions, sector councils and unions. We will provide leadership and make this a priority.–be-heard-the-liberal-party-answers-your-questions


A New Democrat government would take a leadership role to move toward a fair, efficient, transparent and accountable immigration system.

Specifically, in conjunction with provinces and licensing authorities, we will accelerate and streamline the recognition of foreign credentials, overseas degrees and previous employment experience. To assist with literacy, community integration and English and French as a second language programs, we will reinstate federal funding for the settlement programs for new Canadians.–be-heard-the-ndp-answers-your-questions


2 thoughts on “The Party Leaders – Their Positions on Foreign Professionals

  1. All the foreign professionals, who immigrated to Canada may be able to live in Canada physically but psychologically…Because the Canadian government’s propaganda has always been painting Canada in a shiny tone, misleading immigrants into believing that they will have a good future in Canada! It’s all Bullsh**.

  2. Did you know that Canadian Politicians have created Society (CSIC) in order to fool Canadians, who along with big corporations assisting foreign nationals to enter Canada on Fake Work Visas by taking thousands of dollars?

    Did you know this society of Immigration Consultants does not protect Canadians because Canadian never need Immigration to Canada & since CSIC been created, Canada flooded with Fake Foreign Workers?

    Did you know that the majority of Immigration consultants never attended a law school in any country?

    Did you know Immigration Consultants are not permitted to give you any immigration legal advice?

    Did you know Immigration consultants charge you more than Canadian Immigration lawyers?

    Did you know that not even a single consultant ever charged and convicted by the crooked society in Canada?

    Did you know that in all the Political Sponsorship Scandals , the Politician NEVER get convicted?

    Did you know ONLY influenced people are able to get Minister Permit to enter Canada?

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