Resources for Foreign Lawyers

For the purposes of this site we are defining a “Foreign Lawyer” as a graduate of a law school located outside of Canada or a graduate of a law school located outside of Canada.

Here is a list of articles and resources (feel free to post a suggestion under the comments section) that you should read:

U.K. and U.S. Law Graduates and Bar Admission in Ontario – John Richardson:

Canada Law From Abroad – John Kelly

NCA Site

Facebook Page

All of the links on this site:


6 thoughts on “Resources for Foreign Lawyers

  1. I am a Mexican trained lawyer, with a LLM from Northwester University in Chicago. I moved to Canada last February with my spouse (Canadian Citizen). I am a Permanent Resident. Are there any jobs I can work with my qualifications?

  2. I am a regular practising lawyer at India, and want to shift permanently to canada. What are the pre-requisites for getting enroled there as lawyer.

  3. Free NCA Notes!

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  4. Hi there!
    Emond Montgomery Publications (we publish many of your law school and NCA casebooks) is now also offering a preparation course and practice exams for the Ontario Bar Exams. In the past we’ve had many NCA students take the class, and a lot of them have commented that they think we should try to publicize more within the NCA community. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like more information about the course or the practice exams.
    Good luck and happy studying!

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